You wish to create interactive, high-resolution virtual walks quickly, with maximum comfort and with direct result checking? RODEON Heads in combination with the established recording software RODEONpreview are your first choice partner for attractive and high-resolution, moving 360° views.
You are looking for the special view? High tripod panoramas are a welcome change for the RODEON Head to perfectly draw attention to it's advantages: Comfortable and reliable work flow for precise, high-resolution and particularly sensational results. Remote-controlled precise motion sequences and full control of results The RODEON panoramic head is…
For the documentation of important evidences with RODEON TurnTable and RODEON JumboDrive, these turntables full-automatically move in exact angular steps while the object placed on the turntable is photographed and finally exported as a living picture.
Success factor RODEON Multi-head solution: Valuable art treasures and paintings are lighted precisely accurate and scanned with high resolution in order to analyze them in detail, restore them and to deliver them for next generations. The worldwide unique innovation for precise positioning of camera and lighting.
Presenting objects as living pictures, so-called "objectmovies", "pack shots" or "360ties", is one of the most convincing ways of professional sales presentation. Living pictures offer liveliness and convincibility - nearly every object can be presented in an interesting, custom-effective way within one's reach.



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