The RODEON SDK addresses ambitious photographers, who want to expand the possibilities offered by the software bundled to their device, as well as software producers, system integrators and laboratories, who want to improve their own products and possibilities by integrated support for the RODEONmodular series.

Useful tool for your application

The RODEON APIs straightforward scope of operations completely covers the underlying hardware layer and provides integrated interpreters for several configuration and scripting files at the same time. Because of the complete dynamic linking (without any static library) it obtains a level of flexibility and portabilitiy (up to Windows mobile). This enables the developer to import the complete scope of operations into his own application within minutes and to benefit from newer releases of the API instantly (without recompiling). For a better overview the most important features are summarized below:

  • No static libraries
  • Fore- and backward compatibility
  • Not limited to a specific programming language (importheader for C and VB included)
  • Portability between Windows NT and Windows Mobile
  • Integrated command line interpreter
  • Automated loading of configuration files
  • Interpreter for RODEONscript
  • Syncronous (singlethreaded) and asyncronous operation (multithreaded) selectable
  • Several parallel running instances possible (if running several devices simultaneously)
  • Encapsulation of hardware layer and time-critical processes
  • Automatic notify messages to the applications main-window
  • Completely suppressable ouput
  • Automatic switching between ANSI and Unicode character set

Particularly interesting for laboratories, institutes and other research facilities as well as for flexible production lines, is the integration of the RODEONmodular functionality into the software LabView from National Instruments.



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