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360° camera piXplorer 5oo sets new standards for VR

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Unfortunately virtual worlds without details, sharpness and dynamic are often reality thanks to cheap 360° cameras. This applies also for current 4K cameras which are unsuitable for many applications.

The panoramic camera piXplorer 5oo clears these hurdles and opens virtual reality the door to professional applications. The brilliant and detailled pictures provide a resolution of more than 500 megapixel (32'000 x 16'000 pixel) (corresponds to 1 mm spatial resolution in 5 m distance) and a dynamic range of 26 f-stops. Avid users work in the fields of marketing, e-learning, building trade, surveying, forensics and accident reports.

The panoramic camera piXplorer 5oo records its surrounding in segments. It captures seven pictures in each of 58 vantage points. The system works completely by itself at the push of a button and without any additional settings. The recording takes exactly 4.5 minutes. Dark scenes are illuminated pleasantly and without any shadows due to the integrated lighting system.

After the recording process the single pictures are merged (stitched) automatically by a batch process which also handles the HDR. All data and pictures are always kept under control of the user. An internet connection is not required.


 Here you will find all information about piXplorer 5oo, especially for different fields of application.

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